Wednesday, 24 April 2013

QVS soothing mini eye treatment gels!

Hello everybody!

I've just finish my first on-call in labour room today morning! Having working continuously for the past 25 hours with non-stop flow of pregnant ladies coming with different complaints, I'm totally exhausted and burned out at the end of the day (or shall I say, the beginning of the day, since my call ends officially by 8am).

Heading home straight away from hospital, I can't help but completely knocked out and had a total of 8 hours of sleep on my comfy bed. We all know that nothing could replace the deprived amount of good night sleep, which is why I woke up at 5pm with hangover-like-feeling, and a pair of puffy, tired eyes.

And here comes the savior of the day....


I got this new pair of soothing mini eye treatment gels awhile back from Watson, at the friendly price of RM11.80 per pair.

Didn't know that they will become so handy at time like this. You just need to put them in the freezer for 10 to 20 minutes (meanwhile I had my dinner), before enjoying the super soothing and invigorating effect by simply placing them over your eyes.

Absolutely cute and adorable. Just imagine putting them on your eyes with those cute eyelashes prints! ^.^
Super relaxing if you enjoy your treatment while listening to your favorite musics!

However, the cooling effect is lost after 5 minutes as my skin gradually heats up the gel to my body temperature. But at the end of treatment, my eyes totally wake up and feel refreshed.

Personally, I prefer using these than cucumber slices as washing and cutting is not necessary, and it leaves no trace of mess behind. More economical than eye masks which generally cost you more than RM5 per application.

 I've found other ways of using these gels:
1) Use them on your forehead when feverish, no cool fever needed
2) Ladies, use them around time of ovulation, when the basal body temperature is raised
3) Soak in warm water for few minutes and apply over eyes to improve circulation, thus reduce your dark circles

Are you using similar products as well? Please share with me your experience and creative way of using these eye pads!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Review: Dove beauty moisture cleansing foam (Japan-made)

Cleansing foam is one of the skincare products that I'll be able to squeeze till the very last bit, before deciding to throw it away as it has been sitting on my table for too long.

Now that I'm 80% towards the end of my current tube, I guess it's the right time to give a comprehensive review on this product.

A big thank you to my aunt, who brought this beauty moisture cleansing foam all the way from Japan as a lovely and thoughtful souvenir - one for me, one for my sister.

As I first received the gift, I was thinking to myself "What? Dove? Why not something else, say, Kanebo or Kose?" as we can easily get it from any supermarket in Malaysia. But I was totally wrong.

The front view.

The back. Filled with Japanese writings which I can't read. >.<

Known to be containing 1/4 of moisturizing ingredient, the texture of this cleansing foam is quite runny unlike those of other brands. The color is a bit off-white.

The amount shown is sufficient for cleaning face and neck.

Lather with small amount of water, and it easily foams with very tiny bubbles, not too rich, which is also a feature that I always look into when choosing cleansing foam.

The smell is typical 'Dovey' milky scent. It makes me feel pampered :)
Rinsing is rather easy with no slimy residue on the face.

Moisturized skin tends to appear whitened and brightened.

My skin feels hydrated, supple and velvety without the tight feeling that I always get with other cleansing agents (including Malaysia-made Dove product). And it stays so for the next 20 minutes even if I do not follow-up immediately with toner and moisturizer. Thumbs up for this! 

Works pretty well if you're using a very dehydrating make-up remover (ie. oil-based remover with extensive emulsification), to restore your skin moisture instantly.

However, cleanser is still a cleanser. The hydrating power lost if air-conditioner is turned on and I still need to complete the rest of my skin care routine in order to keep my face happy.

My Verdict:  ★★★★

-low cost
-superior cleansing power
-nice smell
-easy rinsing
-keeping moisture

Drawback: Not available in Malaysia

Repurchase? Maybe

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Brand new beauty blogger in town!

I'm not a beautician. Instead, a young doctor working in Malaysia. I am blessed to be affordable to splurge on things I'm interested in, moderately and responsibly.

Over the years, I've been collecting tonnes of beauty products which I constantly purchase to make myself happy (thanks to the stressful and busy life being a new doctor). I came to realize that I hardly ever repurchase these items. To be honest, I hardly even able to empty those bottles and tubs, which is especially true for my eye creams and serums. Eventually, these products piled up to the extend that I can literally use them twice or thrice daily for another 5 years ahead, without the need to purchase new ones! >.<

I would say that I'm quite adventurous in trying out new products, ranging from skin care to hair products to make ups to facial care, be it from a drug store, home brands, and even high-end brands! And of course, I certainly love to explore deeper and wider, continue to search for my HOLY GRAIL items, in hope that I could actually find them and continue to use them till the end of the world, or the end of my life.

Having said that I've been piling up my beauty products since uhm.. forever? - my beauty stash is now overloaded and I have to find a way to motivate myself to clear them up and thus another good reason to try out new things! I seriously have come to a stage where I need to buy extra shelves, stashes, boxes - just to keep my goods safe and sound.

This is the reason that I'm starting this new blog, as I'll have to use my 'stock' consistently in order to write really meaningful and true reviews on them. I really really want to get rid of my bad habit of skipping steps in skin care, being lazy at times and giving up on products easily.

As for now, just take a peek at my dressing table and be impressed.. ;)

Believe me, I certainly have at least 3 times the amount of items shown - in stock!!

I hereby vow that I'll be 100% honest in sharing my experience and perhaps to be consistent in updating my blog. So stay tune and enjoy reading~