Friday, 5 April 2013

Review: Dove beauty moisture cleansing foam (Japan-made)

Cleansing foam is one of the skincare products that I'll be able to squeeze till the very last bit, before deciding to throw it away as it has been sitting on my table for too long.

Now that I'm 80% towards the end of my current tube, I guess it's the right time to give a comprehensive review on this product.

A big thank you to my aunt, who brought this beauty moisture cleansing foam all the way from Japan as a lovely and thoughtful souvenir - one for me, one for my sister.

As I first received the gift, I was thinking to myself "What? Dove? Why not something else, say, Kanebo or Kose?" as we can easily get it from any supermarket in Malaysia. But I was totally wrong.

The front view.

The back. Filled with Japanese writings which I can't read. >.<

Known to be containing 1/4 of moisturizing ingredient, the texture of this cleansing foam is quite runny unlike those of other brands. The color is a bit off-white.

The amount shown is sufficient for cleaning face and neck.

Lather with small amount of water, and it easily foams with very tiny bubbles, not too rich, which is also a feature that I always look into when choosing cleansing foam.

The smell is typical 'Dovey' milky scent. It makes me feel pampered :)
Rinsing is rather easy with no slimy residue on the face.

Moisturized skin tends to appear whitened and brightened.

My skin feels hydrated, supple and velvety without the tight feeling that I always get with other cleansing agents (including Malaysia-made Dove product). And it stays so for the next 20 minutes even if I do not follow-up immediately with toner and moisturizer. Thumbs up for this! 

Works pretty well if you're using a very dehydrating make-up remover (ie. oil-based remover with extensive emulsification), to restore your skin moisture instantly.

However, cleanser is still a cleanser. The hydrating power lost if air-conditioner is turned on and I still need to complete the rest of my skin care routine in order to keep my face happy.

My Verdict:  ★★★★

-low cost
-superior cleansing power
-nice smell
-easy rinsing
-keeping moisture

Drawback: Not available in Malaysia

Repurchase? Maybe

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