Wednesday, 24 April 2013

QVS soothing mini eye treatment gels!

Hello everybody!

I've just finish my first on-call in labour room today morning! Having working continuously for the past 25 hours with non-stop flow of pregnant ladies coming with different complaints, I'm totally exhausted and burned out at the end of the day (or shall I say, the beginning of the day, since my call ends officially by 8am).

Heading home straight away from hospital, I can't help but completely knocked out and had a total of 8 hours of sleep on my comfy bed. We all know that nothing could replace the deprived amount of good night sleep, which is why I woke up at 5pm with hangover-like-feeling, and a pair of puffy, tired eyes.

And here comes the savior of the day....


I got this new pair of soothing mini eye treatment gels awhile back from Watson, at the friendly price of RM11.80 per pair.

Didn't know that they will become so handy at time like this. You just need to put them in the freezer for 10 to 20 minutes (meanwhile I had my dinner), before enjoying the super soothing and invigorating effect by simply placing them over your eyes.

Absolutely cute and adorable. Just imagine putting them on your eyes with those cute eyelashes prints! ^.^
Super relaxing if you enjoy your treatment while listening to your favorite musics!

However, the cooling effect is lost after 5 minutes as my skin gradually heats up the gel to my body temperature. But at the end of treatment, my eyes totally wake up and feel refreshed.

Personally, I prefer using these than cucumber slices as washing and cutting is not necessary, and it leaves no trace of mess behind. More economical than eye masks which generally cost you more than RM5 per application.

 I've found other ways of using these gels:
1) Use them on your forehead when feverish, no cool fever needed
2) Ladies, use them around time of ovulation, when the basal body temperature is raised
3) Soak in warm water for few minutes and apply over eyes to improve circulation, thus reduce your dark circles

Are you using similar products as well? Please share with me your experience and creative way of using these eye pads!

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