Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kose: My 2013 Birthday Haul!

It's been 3 weeks since my birthday.

For a majority of the female population, the biggest event around the birthday month is to fulfill their dream of becoming a shopaholic while enjoying various members' privileges!

As for the year 2013, I've decided to splurge on Kose products. I've been eyeing on their new lotion mist and sun protect gel ever since I learned about their official launches in Malaysia. And finally it has arrived in Ipoh now!

I absolutely love the texture of this Kose Sun Protect Gel after trying out a few times at the Kose counter. It is a very light weight sunscreen which also provides moisturizing benefit to your skin. The skin feels less oily and happier when using this as compared to their older version of medicated sun protector. It also provides high protection against both UVA and UVB with it's SPF 50 and PA +++.

During this promotion period, I've got myself 4x30g of the Kose Sun Protect Gel at the cost of RM52 each, with 4 free foldable umbrellas! The birthday girl was overjoyed with this deal! ^^


Next item I bought was the Kose Sekkisei lotion mist. I was told by the BA that it contains the same ingredient as their top seller Sekkisei lotion, which I've been using as lotion mask for quite some time. It is very convenient to bring along with you and spray it on whenever the skin needs a boost of moisture or feeling tired. Furthermore, it wouldn't smear our makeup at all, but instead helps to fix the makeup for a longer period! It is also travel-friendly with the 50ml packaging size.

I got 3 of this limited edition at the price of RM49 each and has been using it for the past 3 weeks. How I wish that it will be on the shelf forever!


Then comes the Intellige Sebum Remover Mask (a.k.a. "the-white-mask"), which their BA recommended to me as a very powerful black head remover. I've tried their Seikisho mask white (a.k.a "the-black-mask"), and loved the after effect of instantly smoothed and whitened skin. I am yet to try this out and will post my review on it later.

It is definitely a bad habit to complete my purchase with at least one other product which I don't really need or don't really going to use frequently. This time round, it was the Esprique Moist Make Up Base.

Due to my packed schedule, I usually don't have enough time for makeup before going to work. I bought this because I do not need to apply any other makeup after putting on this one. It is suppose to create a beautiful and natural complexion. I love the swatch of this on the back of my hand as it was not thick as foundation, easy to spread, with the plus points that my skin appears brightened with a healthy glow!

So here is the total purchase for my 2013 birthday. The very kind BA also gave me a sample of the new Sekkisei supreme whitening herbal oil to try out.

Join the Kose Snowy Club now to enjoy 5x reward points for all purchases during your birthday month! Reward points will be accumulated for gift redemption. I'm soon getting a full size Sekkisei liquid face wash with my reward points accumulated last year :) Can't wait to collect it from the counter this week!

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