Friday, 20 December 2013

A Mask A Day: Color Combo Honey Moisturising Facial Sheet Mask

Ever since I started the “a mask a day” campaign, I’ve been very obedient to treat myself with a sheet mask for the night routine everyday.

I believe that one can never see the true result of sheet mask with just 1 application per week. At most, they will leave you with the instant effect of brightened and well-nourished skin, which tends to disappear as you wake up the next morning. Consistent application of masks with similar function is the key to really help target your skin concern.

The first 2 weeks of the campaign, I tried to use up all the masks which I owned as singles, just to get a rough idea as to whether I shall purchase them in bulk for consistent use. And now, I’m moving on to review those that I can use for few days in a row, to see whether it is really doing any good.

Color Combos Honey Moisturising Facial Sheet Mask, 30g

“A deep moisturizing mask to help with dehydrated skin as dryness is one of the major causes of wrinkle formation.

Contains Honey Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber Extract and Multi-Vitamin to keep skin soft and supple.

An excellent treatment to replenish dry, rough skin.

Suitable for all skin types.”

I got this from Sasa a while ago when they were having promotion, where 4 masks were sold at the price of RM10. It was a good deal as one sheet mask will usually cost RM3-5 even if you buy them in boxes.

Nothing exciting about the packaging.

And there isn’t much essence left in the bag.

It was a big turn off when I opened the mask pack for the first time. BY.THE.SMELL!!

This definitely smells like decomposed something, or a vagabond who didn’t bathe for few weeks! Imagine putting that mask onto your face and so near to your nose! O.M.G.


Never mind the smell; I still put it on to see what good it can do --- holding my breath! :x

The mask cutting was below my standard as you can see there isn’t any nip on it that enables you to shape it to fit your individual face contour.

It is surely making an effort to impress by designing it in a way that you can hook on the mask and be able to walk around, watching TV without worrying that the mask will drop from your face.

 I seriously dislike the thick ear hook which tends to transfer the essence to my hair, and make them sticky.

I find that the sheet material was unable to hold the essence on for too long a time. On my face, I feel that it starts to dry out by 5 minutes, and rarely last till the recommended 15 minutes of masking time. However, when I remove it by the end of 15 minutes, I was surprise to find that the essence is mostly retained on the sheet mask and was not delivered deep into the skin.

What I realized after each treatment was that the essence remained sitting on the superficial layer of the skin, and leaves a super sticky feeling. And foul smelling. No amount of massaging could get the essence absorbed, trust me. I end up have to wipe them off and follow with a heavily scented moisturizer --- Etude House Skin Mal:gem Emulsion --- to cover up the awful scent.

As you can expect, I did not derive any benefit from this mask and certainly won’t be giving it a second chance A.N.Y.M.O.R.E.!

Still have to struggle with it for another day T.T

My Verdict:  ☆☆☆☆

-absolutely no reason for me to like this
-one helluva smelly mask which did NOTHING!!

Repurchase? HELL NO!!

Lesson learned: Never buy anything in bulk if uncertain of its performance.

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