Saturday, 28 December 2013

Weekend Mani: Elianto Nail Colour - 08 Baby Shine

Elianto, which was made available to where I lived during my high school days, is the nostalgic brand where I got my first nail polish from!

They certainly provide budget items for beginners to venture into the world of makeup without burning a big hole in their wallets. I remember those days when my BFF and I used to stroll around in the shopping mall, lusting and swatching each and every new polish color they had, back then, selling at the small price tag of RM5.

Elianto Nail Colour - 08 Baby Shine, 14mL, RM8

This is a pink peach polish with extremely fine silver and fuchsia shimmers in it, so fine that it almost appears sheen. It applies quite evenly on my slightly pitted nails and covers up the irregularities.

The texture is smooth and not goopy, and the drying time is around 20 to 30 minutes. I however did not wait for it to dry completely before applying the second layer. I needed 2 layers in order to get the desired opacity.

The colour is so soft and lovely, which in my opinion, will look flattering on most skin tone. The shimmers in it helps to make mistakes forgivable.

Under fluorescent light, without flash

 Under fluorescent light, with flash

If there is one negative thing to say about this polish, that would be the slightly uneven surface when it dries completely, which is only noticeable up close. This can be easily fixed by layering with a top coat.

Elianto nail polishes will generally last a good 2-3 days on my nails without chipping away. Their longevity however is never my concern as they will most probably need to be removed by the end of my off days (usually 2 days at max), as I am not suppose to wear any nail polish at work.

My Verdict:  ★★★★

-yay for the small price tag!
-sweet colour that will appear flattering for most
-smooth texture and relatively quick drying time

I believe that I'll never ever repurchase anything from the makeup category as the brands will always churn out something new and exciting on each new day!

So no, I'm not gonna repurchase any makeup item! :D

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